My experience during DDD Europe 2020

First blog of the year. And I decided to blog about my experience during DDD Europe 2020. Is there anything better? 🙂 I want to share my experience during the event, as well, some trends. Design Heuristics pre-conference workshop This year the conference started a little bit earlier for me. I joined the Design Heuristics from Rebecca Wirfs-Brock. We … Continue reading My experience during DDD Europe 2020

What I learned from live coding during talks

Last week, Kenny Baas and I, delivered 2 talks with live coding. We were at NextBuild (with From EventStorming to CoDDDing) and Techorama NL (with Improving design and code quality with Property-based testing). In both talks, we used live coding as a tool to pass our message across the audience. It is useful, given the … Continue reading What I learned from live coding during talks

TechDays NL 2017

The first conference that I attend since we arrived in The Netherlands was the TechDays NL 2017. The conference is sponsored by Microsoft, and it's one of the most significant tech events in the Benelux area. However, even being sponsored by Microsoft, other streams of the industry were present, showing that Microsoft is no longer … Continue reading TechDays NL 2017