How to solve Magento 2 upgrade errors

Magento 2 is the leading Open Source Software for e-commerce, with a vibrant community and proper product documentation. The development team releases bug fixes and new features in a regular cadence, given support to security threats, market trends, amongst others. Environment The environment is deployed in AWS, using an immutable infrastructure. It allows¬†us to deploy¬†several … Continue reading How to solve Magento 2 upgrade errors

Migrate Magento from on-premises to the cloud

Last summer a good friend of mine challenged me to help him move his Magento webshop from an on-premises server to the cloud. Also, to upgrade the webshop to the newest version (Magento 2). The starting point The webshop is the online spot for a small streetwear Portuguese shop. The crew supporting the shop is … Continue reading Migrate Magento from on-premises to the cloud

When Cake meets NDepend

As a developer, I'm a big fan of automation. I can't create software where I need to push buttons and run manual scripts, to test & deploy it. To help me automate my software development tasks, I use Cake, "a cross platform build automation system with a C# DSL". Working as a team, there are … Continue reading When Cake meets NDepend

TechDays NL 2017

The first conference that I attend since we arrived in The Netherlands was the TechDays NL 2017. The conference is sponsored by Microsoft, and it's one of the most significant tech events in the Benelux area. However, even being sponsored by Microsoft, other streams of the industry were present, showing that Microsoft is no longer … Continue reading TechDays NL 2017

Abstract from your CI. Use Cake!

Here at Coolblue, we can choose our tools from a range of technologies. A while ago, our team started moving from Microsoft MSTest to xUnit. Although the code change was fairly simple, the build pipeline was tied with the MSTest framework, ignoring the xUnit tests. Between the requests to the deployment team to alter the … Continue reading Abstract from your CI. Use Cake!